A sense of Indochina located in the heart of the city

Inspired by the movie “Indochine” by director Régis Wargnier, the Indochine Restaurant was opened right in the heart of a bustling street, yet still remains its isolated nature. Leaving behind any daily worries, customers will go on a pleasant journey as soon as he or she step into the grandiose old 19th century villa – where Indochine Saigon is located. 

Following the unique and excellent design, the Indochine Restaurant is skillfully divided into different room sections, from the separate cozy dining rooms to spacious and elegant ones, as if to bring customers back to the old Saigon. The beautiful garden adorned with a “cloud-shape” lake which is skillfully made by master craftsmen is eminently suitable for any outdoor parties or events. A beautiful and elegant designed public bar with dozens of types of drinks made from Vietnamese traditional fruit would bring great joy to any customer.

With a wealth of experience and passion in their expertise, chefs in Indochine Restaurant have spent an adequate time to visit any corner of this country to discover, experience and, literally cook with regional inhabitants. From what they have experienced, chefs in Indochine Restaurant will capture the very essence of every meal they have tried and create such an extensive and colorful menu that we currently have. Customers can detect distinguishing smell and taste of different unique meals which could only be found in this restaurant. 

With the above special features, Indochine Restaurant would present the perfect choice to anyone who has a savor in Vietnamese cuisine